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Negative effects of not being online.

It was proven that 75% of consumers trust and judge the credibility of a company according to the design and appearance of its website. It is also mentioned that 56% of Internet users do not trust an organization that doesn’t have a website.

How to ace your next video call?

We know that meetings around a conference table tend to get long and boring. To help adapt to these new virtual meetings, here are some tips to keep your meetings on track, without having to wake up your colleagues every two minutes.

2021: The year of change

Facebook is now getting involved in the music industry, Instagram is promoting their Reels more than ever, Twitter now allows you to identify people on pictures and you’re now able to post videos in HDR on YouTube. We can expect that several other novelties will be unveiled during this new year!

how to improve communication while working remotely

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: communication is key for a healthy business.