Negative effects of not being online.

We know that all businesses, large and small, must have the tools that allow them to be more accessible to customers. In times of a global pandemic, where distance and isolation are recommended, it’s essential to use technology so that boundaries never arise between your customers and your business.

Hundreds of businesses have had to close during the lockdowns and unfortunately, many will not be able to reopen at the end of this crisis. The leading cause of these closures: the lack of visibility, as well as innovative and creative ways to do business differently. A business without customers cannot exist, at least not in the long term. Other options, such as online shopping, in-store pickup, and other techniques, must be used to keep the business open and viable. Even if you have a reliable customer base right now, there is no guarantee that they won’t turn to the Internet in the coming months, like many others.

A website

Do you know many people who don’t have a smartphone, computer, or tablet? The new generation of consumers is tech-savvy, and we must learn to attract them. If like many companies, you think that having a web page is not important, you are probably missing out on dozens or even hundreds of people who will never know about your business and the products or services you offer. In a recent study in France, it was proven that 75% of consumers trust and judge the credibility of a company according to the design and appearance of its website. It is also mentioned that 56% of Internet users do not trust an organization that doesn’t have a website.

Nowadays, practically everyone buys online, in addition to searching for nearby stores, and looking for exclusive offers and services. If you don’t have a website, these potential customers won’t be able to see what you’re doing and won’t knock on your door. The competition between companies is fierce and you must absolutely find solutions to keep your head above water. If you don’t have a website or social media pages, you will be at a disadvantage.

At first, you won’t necessarily need a very sophisticated website with an online store, dozens of tabs with products and a detailed description for each one. Initially, opt for the basics: essential information, i.e. company contact details, opening hours, what you offer as products or services, etc. Afterwards, if all goes well, you can add elements like frequently asked questions, advertise products, and much more! Having a website can allow you to expand your business, such as stepping out of the small physical territory you’re in. Why not go beyond your city to expand, virtually, throughout the province, or even the country?

Do I need a Facebook page, that Instagram thingy or other social media accounts?

Social networks are not just about making new friends or finding people you knew in another life. They bring together millions and even billions of people on the same platforms so that they can share their passions, their activities, the corners they love and above all, the shops where they go.

First of all, you need to determine which social networks would best help you put forward your business. While Facebook is more general and caters to a wider audience, Instagram is more image-oriented and its main users are teenagers and young adults. Twitter, on the other hand, relies on very short texts, links to other sites, reactions to current topics, etc. Finally, YouTube and TikTok have video as their main functions.

There are several advantages to having web pages, which include being able to reach more people, but also present your business in a new light. For example, posting photos and videos with explanations about your products and services, behind the scenes, your employees or even the history of your business helps to attract a lot of attention. Likes, comments and shares are a nice form of recognition and allow for much more visibility.

Ready to get started?

If you don’t have a website yet or if your pages are so old that they no longer charm customers, it’s time to change and put a fresh look on things. If you don’t have the knowledge for this kind of computer and advertising work, M2 Communication is here for you. If this article has convinced you, contact us now and we will know how to help you!

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