We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: communication is key for a healthy business. Sometimes achieving the ideal communication flow can be difficult, especially when it’s impossible to work in a physical office with our colleagues. This COVID-19 pandemic has brought on so many changes in our lives, with everyone spending more time in their homes, and working in their home offices. It’s important to recognize that the transition towards virtual platforms wasn’t seamless for everyone. We can agree that most people have faced significant uncertainty and anxiety as a result.

It goes without saying that your workflow will take a hit, especially if you have children or pets that require your attention while you’re trying to concentrate. We wanted to share a few tips to help you navigate and adjust to this new reality, highlighting the ways we can maintain healthy connections with our colleagues, and keep track of workload and work progress.

A place conducive to creation and tranquility

You’ve likely been telling yourself, “I have to find a way to work from home!”. But what are the right solutions to help you replicate an office environment in your home?

The first step is finding a quiet place away from noise, that’s spacious enough to accommodate the essential work items you need like a laptop, computer monitor, keyboard, notebooks, and so forth. This space must have a desk and a comfortable chair, and be sure to prioritize the ergonomics of your setup. In other words, it is not advisable to put your computer on your lap all day.

You should also try your best to limit your distractions while you work. If you are easily distracted, try to avoid places that have a television, otherwise, your work will progress slower than your Netflix series!

Get organized

One of the most important things that people often forget is to use organization techniques. Create to-do lists with associated timelines: lists that you can modify and “check off” when they are done. If you are comfortable with technology, you should know that many free websites and apps such as Trello, Google Calendar and Asana allow you to create task boards, and you can even share them with your colleagues or your supervisors.

These tools will help you greatly especially if you are leading a team. When the time comes for your employees to complete tasks or hand in assignments, they will be able to drop attachments directly into the app, rather than the usual emails that crowd your inbox! This will also allow you to quickly and efficiently review the progress of different tasks, while being able to fix certain things if necessary.

Keep meeting virtually!

Even though we’ve had a thousand meetings over Zoom, Skype, Teams, and other virtual platforms over the last few months, we have to keep it up. Communication is much easier when you can see and hear the speaker, not to mention that it reinforces connection and belonging within teams. You should not hesitate to ask questions and engage with your colleagues or employees – this will not only greatly facilitate your discussions, but you’ll find that the workflow will be smoother overall.

In summary, try to isolate yourself from noise and distractions in a space where you can easily get settled in, make to-do lists, and talk to your employers/colleagues as often as possible. Have a great day at work everyone!